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2 Weeks Retreat In Cancun  starts on May 2d -15th 2023

Restart Your Life By Finding Your Inner Shaman!

One can never be happy unless connecting with The Higher Self. Nagual Yoga is a transformative experience for those seeking that connection between Human Nature and Ancient Knowledge. And where better to find yourself than a pristine beach near Cancun, in the shadow of a Mayan temple? Authentic native Teachers Plants, meals prepared as they have been for untold centuries. Deluxe jungle accommodations that take you glamping with the vibrant sounds of wildlife all around. Under the guidance of our naguals and spiritualists, you may find your true self, and transform your life forever by making the change last! Be a part of the global ECO MOVEMENT to go back to Nature and save our beautiful Planet Earth. 



About Us

Nagual Yoga Retreat is a life-changing project of

"Complete Make Over Of Your Life" 2 -15 of May 2023 

in Cancun, Mexico 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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