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Nagual Yoga

Heal Yourself - Heal Your Life

The Ancient Toltec Knowledge Of How To Become The Best The Version Of Yourself and Live The Life You've Always Dreamed of. 

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Affirmation For Life


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Anytime, Anywhere

Feel stuck in life and don't know how to change your unhealthy habits that lead to bad life decisions? I will release you from your family karma, and any kind of addiction in 8 weeks and heal your life.
All answers are found in the subconscious mind...I f you wish to expand your horizons, correct the shape of your body and mind, and heal your physical and financial impotency, press start your journey to freedom button here:


If you feel stuck, blocked or overwelmed with limitations

Citrus Fruits

Have loops of negative self talk and self worth

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Have a difficulty in manifesting your soul's greatest desires

Eagle Flying

Still looking for  something that would give you real results and break through in life?

Then Nagual Yoga is for You!

With the special author's program-initiation "4 Weeks To Personal freedom" 
Training and Initiation in Nagual - a Yoga Warrior.
Master the basic healing practice for healing, self-development and helping people.
For those wishing to practice for themselves and family become healers very fast.

Master class “Basic Nagual Techniques”
A powerful transformational method will help you discover and realize your potential, improve your health, help yourself and your loved ones.

Who needs this program:
People who want to be healthy, harmonious, to grow spiritually.
People who are looking for ways out of stress, impasse bad luck.
For those who want to independently improve their health and improve the quality of life, actively develop, establish relationships with themselves and others.
What will happen in the nagual yoga app?
The Nagual Yoga App consists of theory, practice and all the exercises you need for your physical body, cleanse on the elements level. My personal guidance and weekly one- on - one meetings includes healing sessions, and the initiations as a finishing powerful tools for the energy transformation of the body and consciousness. Initiations take place in real time and space in one of our Retreats. Find healing power of inner shaman and live in the presence of all elements of Nature.

Topics of the theoretical part
Energy Body - principles and lucid dreaming methods.
Man and his energy bodies, chakras. Woman and her energy body. 
Formation and failures in the development of subtle bodies and chakras. Luminous Egg.
Types of deformations of the aura in the luminous egg.
Causes of diseases, problems in society, psychosomatic transformations. Different levels of consciousness development.

Geopathogenic zones.
Energy management.
Energy information security.
Mastering the methods of dowsing and diagnostics.
Building protection for immovable and movable objects, people (“golden pyramid”).
Construction of protection for cosmoenergy (“shell”, “pyramid”).
Getting rid of necrotic channels of energy leakage and negative energy.

Initiations into channels
Golden Key  - a universal channel helps to heal all energy systems, purify objects, space, charge water, reanimate, increase resources and immunity, regeneration.

  1. Nagual is cleansing through 6 nature elements, helps to cope with all types of energy impacts, clean and restore chakras and aura, energy meridians throughout the system, purify and saturate objects and space with clean energy. They contribute to the healing of the entire system, cleanse the upper chakras from energy dirt, and harmonize.

You can go through initiations into energy-informational channels that will open up new opportunities for you, significantly increase your energy potential, healing power and expand the tools for working with various problems.
Conduct energy diagnostics.
Find powerful energy and protection.
Clear negative energy, heal yourself and others.
Restore the integrity of the aura, activate the chakras, cleanse the luminous egg of negative energy.
Remove energy-information impacts on yourself and others.
Quickly restore strength and energy, accelerate the process of recovery, regeneration.
Increase energy levels, stamina, immunity.
Get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, loss of strength.
Improve and rejuvenate your body, work with other people.
Restore harmony, get out of stress for yourself and for others.
Clear space and objects, charge water.
Work from a photo with space and people.
Duration of training is 60 days.
Initiations in Nagual channels 14 days retreat in Cancun.
Closed feedback and communication group.
8  Healing Sessions.

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My name is Lara Romanoff,

I am certified holistic therapist practitioner, shaman and a yogi, expert of consciousness mind therapy. In my authors program I adopted my Yoga Works Teachers Training with Toltec knowledge Of Nagual, The Ancient Secret Knowledge of  MezoAmerican Land where I currently live to heal people's hearts and minds. I am thankful to all my teachers and schools that taught me work with energy directly and would allow me to guaranteed results to solve your problems: indecision, fear, self-doubt depression and financial crisis, poverty karma and absence of loving relationship, procrastination... All problems in life are appearing first in our subconscious, energy body as Toltec knew already 4000 years ago thats why Nagual Yoga is a subconscious & conscious connection that has impact on the human organization in its wholeness.

You’ve made an awesome decision, and I can’t wait to introduce you to the ancient Toltec system, the yoga for real people in their lives, that heals and connects you to your all-it-knowing Nagual - your inner truth. This program is for you if you determined:

1. To change something in your life.

2. To do it naturally and fast.

3. To have 100% result.

In my program, you benefit from my personalized guidance and get the opportunity to work with me closely to learn about your subconscious mind and how it's connected to your problems in life, about your highest emotional states and your biggest pain points, learn about core techniques of all major yoga sience in one simple down to earth technique, that will heal your life and most importantly you would be able to heal others! Welcome to the magic, mystic and unknown to you yet world of Nagual!


To join the community please click the button to schedule your free 1- hour strategy call on zoom. I will get back to you within 48 hours. Transform and heal your life today as  tomorrows are never happen!

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If you think you have time - you are lost.

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Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan

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